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  • How does Gamification Business work?

    Gamification Business has a series of simple steps wherein:

    1. You create an account for your company
    2. Invite your employees to your company's gamification account
      1. An email will be sent to your employees wherein they have to accept the invitation and click the link to be able to have an account and view your company's gamification
    3. Setup the information required before proceeding to.
    4. Find and select a gamification theme from our gamification store.
  • How do I add more employees?

    You can add more employees by pressing the "+" sign beside the "My Employees" on the left menu, or you can "View my employees" and add employees on that page.

  • How do I add myself to the race?

    Only the admin of the company's gamification can add employees, if you are an admin of the gamification you CAN NOT add yourself to the race if you are using the admin account of your company's gamification. Therefore, you need to create an employee account of yourself to be able to join the gamification.

  • How do I add extra products?

    You can add extra products by clicking the 'Product Types' link on the left menu and you'll easily find the 'Add product' on the page shown.

  • Can I have more than one gamification going?

    You can have several gamification themes on your account but you can only view your gamification themes one at a time.

  • Can I run different gamifications, measuring different things?

    You can only use one measuring unit per gamification theme (ex. measuring the number of meetings, sales closed, etc.). You can use a different theme if you want to measure another unit.